We help adults reduce their stress to increase student success

Clever Characters specializes in Adult SEL and Mentor Training using a unique SEL Mentoring Method.

Through the Champions Program, Clever Characters connects with schools, their educators, and their students' parents to effectively apply SEL in every community. 

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Besides emailing us directly, the best place to check out Clever Characters is in our Facebook Group! Join today and start talking with other parents who are experiencing similar things as you are. Get direct access to the Clever Characters leadership team, join our Facebook Live sessions, and expand your community. Remember, we're in this together!

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We'd love to schedule a phone call or Zoom meeting with you to answer all your questions live an "in-person." We'd be happy to walk through a course, share our materials, and even set up a time to pitch our work to your institution.

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How do I know the Champions SEL Mentoring Method is effective?

The missing piece in traditional SEL education is the disconnect between home life and school experiences. Clever Characters has developed an SEL mentoring method that focuses on training adults to bridge the gap between SEL in the education space and at home.